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Class of Prof. Karsten Konrad, UdK Berlin

Summary of the two-part LEGO Workshop. Vol. 2 mit Johannes Bansmann, Marja Marlene Lechner, Frank Förster, Ole Meergans, Sandra Vater, Yuji Mori, Elisa Ewert

Press release

From 30.07. to 31.08.2012, the LEGO® Art Box on Moritzplatz exhibited a selection of works from the workshop class of Prof. Karsten Konrad, Berlin University of the Arts. In collaboration with LEGO®, PREVIEW BERLIN Projects encouraged the art students to use LEGO® bricks as an artistic medium.

The seven artists involved in the second part of the exhibition presented sculptural works with a greater focus on architectural studies. Johannes Bansmann constructed an aquarium that refered to his autobiographical past and was thus infused with a nostalgic note. Marja Marlene Lechner exhibited several intricate sculptures that were reminiscent of American Indian totems in their colours and motifs.

The pieces of Frank Forester showed a strong transformation of the LEGO® brick source material, which were melted before being transformed into everyday objects. Ole Meergans’ structures were created by merging plates, some of which have been bevel cut, into sophisticated architectural models. Sandra Vater presented silkscreen printed designs illustrating her recreation of a church window with LEGO® bricks. Using a minimalist approach, Yuji Mori combined LEGO® bricks with simple, unpolished wood into works with an esoteric, spiritual appearance. For the construction of her tower, Elisa Ewert used a Berlin underground pillar as her inspiration, coating it entirely with paint and colour. Her background in painting was reflected in this work.



Berlin Art Week 2012