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Class of Prof. Karsten Konrad, Berlin University of the Arts

Summary of the two-part LEGO Workshop: Julius Dörner, Andrea Boller, Elisabeth Scharler

Press release

From 16.06. to 20.07.2012, the LEGO® Art Box on Moritzplatz exhibited a selection of works from the workshop class of Prof. Karsten Konrad, Berlin University of the Arts. In collaboration with LEGO®, PREVIEW BERLIN Projects encouraged the art students to use LEGO® bricks as an artistic medium.

The four artists in the first part of the exhibition presented sculptural works and reliefs. Andrea Boller took a minimalist approach in her reliefs; she examined colour and form, combining both into dynamic patterns.

The walk-in floor work of Julius Dörner had a recognisable geometric pattern inspired by the tiled surfaces of Berlin’s pre-war buildings. Visitors were invited to enter inside the floor sculpture.

Hazard Hope worked with lettering, which he transformed into reliefs. The spatial sculpture represented a wall citing graffiti and “tags” from street art culture.

Elisabeth Scharler displayed complex structures of angular inclines, predominantly made of LEGO® roofing tiles. She connected negative moulds of her LEGO® structures cast in concrete with LEGO® bricks in their original colours that remained in the concrete cast.

Berlin Art Week 2012