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STEINLE Contemporary, MUNICH

STEINLE Contemporary, MUNICH

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Philipp Messner
The Rising Star, 2008
aluminium plate, hooks, ca. 320 × 240 × 1 cm

Philipp Messner (IT) -The Rising Star & Parkett 01

The main issue in Philipp Messner’s works is the analysis of the human perception, specially our expectations towards what we see. His works are about symbolic forms and their functionality in creating identities – see the star as an example. His work “The rising star” (2008) is actually one of the parts of a bigger piece and deals with the need for belonging to something and its visual manifestation. Questioning the perception of bi- and tri-dimensionality and the fragmentation of object and space, a new definition emerges.

Freely translated from the original text by Sabine Gamper, AR/GE Kunst Bozen

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Philipp Messner- Parkett 01, 2008, 1 x 400 x 300 cm; aluminium imprinted and varnished

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