STAND: 15.06.2014


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Stefka Ammon
Oriental Gaze, 2009
marble (Oriental Black) ,
Lucite glass, paper, acrylic
150 × 70 × 2 cm

Astrid Busch
# 24 (Detail), 2008
analouge colour photography
74 × 96 cm

Stefka Ammon (D) - Oriental Gaze
Astrid Busch (D) - # 24 (Detail)

The installation „Gaze“, a collaboration by Stefka Ammon and Astrid Busch, consists of a spatial arrangement of three elements: a wall fragment, a photography and a grid triptych made from wood and acrylic glass, visualizing questions concerning the gaze and the space. Spaces are often places for memories, turn into projection surfaces or provide room for imagination. Busch and Ammon choose an open presentation that is accessible from different sides, questioning the western tradition of viewing and perceiving by placing grid surfaces in front of the objects and photographic image in the installation, allowing for the gaze to be stopped by them, revealing stories behind the spaces and images between reality and fiction. With this collaborative work Stedefreund presents itself as a central hub for thematic and spatial interventions and artistic statements.

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