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Post-it pads, each printed with one of 6 rumors, each pad 74 mm x 74 mm, 50 sheet © 2009 ULTRA ART FAIR UNLIMITED

Ultra Fair unlimited

For the 2009 edition of Preview Berlin, MyVisit features the new version titled “Another Fairy Tale Vol. 9“ by the artists’ group ULTRA ART FAIR UNLIMITED ( The group was founded in 2006 by Heinz Sandoza, g?o bízi & Lars from Trier and uses rumors, the oldest mass medium of the world. They designed six messages, which are going to be spread by printed Post-it® notes in the main hall, in the fair shuttle and in the city during the fair dates. At the same time the rumors will be published online in the rumor mill of MyVisit ( ULTRA ART FAIR functions like a Trojan horse into the emerging and proliferating global art fair markets of today. Its web design quotes and comments on the fair format and mimics already existing corporate designs and strategies of art fairs. Having started in the form of a rumor, ULTRA ART FAIR infiltrates and increasingly materializes on special occasions. The climax of its locations (Miami 2006 - Dubai 2007 - Basel 2007 - Shanghai 2008 - Lagos 2010) uses, induces and questions cultural misunderstandings and existing stereotypes of internationality and market domination. Currently the complete screening of the Webpage takes about 55 minutes. The next spin-off will definitely be held at ULTRA Lagos in 2010.


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Comeback at Preview Berlin © 2009 Frederik Foert

Frederik Foert

MyVisit presents a new installation by Frederik Foert: „The sky was the limit, but heaven is a place on earth.“ Failed Aviation Tests – A Collection by Frederik Foert By abidance of the anew aircraft grounding at Tempelhof, location of this years Preview - The Emerging Artfair, installaton artist Frederik Foert will show his collection of failed aviation test. Since years „Retro Pioneer“ Foert is trying to loose ground by building kinetic constructions. Confronting the perfi dies of day to day life he constantly rearranges his houshold and generates small cineastic moments by constructing kinetic objects. Inspired by Film classics, Foert transforms the moving pictures back into a three-dimensional set. His materials come from his immediate living environment. Every-day objects like household-appliances and tools are requisites and protagonists at the same time, exploiting their own drivemechanism or transfering their power onto other objects. The scripts of these three-dimensional fi lm loops, can be further developed in the viewer ’s imagination. To the moon on a washing maschine, into orbit by record player! From the hammer drill to the stereo record player up to the food processor, no technical equipment is too complex or banal, in order to be able to be transformed by a layman hand into a new purpose. Foerts narrative motion studies draw the attention of the viewer to the apparently absent persons behind the technical equipments and always walk on the tight rope between humour and tragedy. There for he uses the central luggage conveyor belt at the former airport as a stage, which is platform and motor in one.

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