STAND: 15.06.2014
LOOP - Raum für aktuelle Kunst, BERLIN

LOOP - Raum für aktuelle Kunst, BERLIN

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Stephanie Backes
Recent Work (2009)

The objects of Stephanie Backes resemble both creature and structure, where disparate materials--felt, wood, thread and beads--are grafted together to an extremely limited surface area. Their microscopic dimensions (all are under 6” high) connote real-world locations, as they plunge into the imaginative, teasing, but never embodying, associations of the insect and the architectural. Backes’ exuberant color palette might contrast with the conscious restraint intrinsic to such structures. Perhaps, however, this conflated duality allows a certain restive angle of repose, where fragility and autonomous insularity hint at a shrouded vitality.

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Karsten Konrad - Skulpturen

Karsten Konrad’s work is urbanity compacted; the work is an amalgamation of an assorted stratum of discarded kitchen utensils, postwar furniture. His reliefs are three-dimensional kaleidoscopes resembling at once satellite shots of a city, floor-plans of Frank Lloyd Wright, or even crystallized electric clouds stretched and pinned to the wall. Availing himself of the existing palette of found furniture, Konrad’s colors are prechosen, but manage, in their plastic two-dimensionality, to jump off the wall like graffiti. However, the underlying existing structural framework, combined with the misaligned fragmentary pieces, makes for surprisingly tension-loaded forms.

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