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Dieter Lutsch
Trockenbau, 2008
heavy duty palette, 35 × 4 × 10 m

Dieter Lutsch (D)

In his work Dieter Lutsch deprives objects of their original meaning. Through alienation, he transfigures the significance of the material and reassigns purpose. Columns made by the sculptor consist of billowy foam, he designs fountains of perforated mattresses and cubes of airy styrofoam. Whenever he works with stone, it is used in connection with pastries or a colorfulness you wouldn’t expect in the chosen material. Following a term taken from the building trade in tis original denomination “Trockenbau“ (dry mortarless construction), a sculpture of stacked wooden pallets with 115 ft length in the context fabricated by Lutsch grapples with expectation, form and curiosity. At the same time it inverts the original meaning of this term as it leads toward an openness and full sensation of space. Going against any inhibition people might feel in museums, this sculpture has to be walked upon and touched by the visitor. In interacting with this work of art, the observer is invited to experience a different form of comprehension of space. Walking through the sculpture it is thereby transformed into an installation that reveals space.

A continuation of Dieter Lutsch’s "Trockenbau" is created in situ for Preview Berlin 2009: „Halbe Treppe“ (one-half staircases), a free-standing sculpture made of 420 euro pallets, 11 ft long and approx. 3.5 ft m high, piled parallel to the runway and landing strip, along which the visitor either meanders, following the structure, or takes directly to the very top, imitating the physical possibility of ascent and descent. With the title of the piece Lutsch refers with subtle irony to the absence of a clear defined destination at the end of the staircase.


Sophie Schmidt (D)

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Sophie Schmidt
Transporttasche, 2009
paper, watercolours, glue, staple
1,14 × 1,33 × 0,45 m
(Foto: Bernd Hiepe)

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