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FB69 Galerie Kolja Steinrötter, MÜNSTER

FB69 Galerie Kolja Steinrötter , MÜNSTER

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Annika Burbank
Schwarzer Schrank, 2008
wood, Lucite, acrylic, 355 × 205 × 51 cm

Annika Burbank (D) - Schwarzer Schrank

Description of the work “Schwarzer Schrank”, by Annika Burbank: The “black wardrobe” recalls several forms of a museum-like presentation, as well as an oversized furniture piece of daily use, whose inside contains several associative objects. This piece is a continuation of my reflection on determined exhibition situations, that are contained in the artwork and at the same time define it. A metaphoric picturesque language is used here, to link the color and the form into a (un)deepness.

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Jana Guerrero Lara “burro“ (donkey) 2007 / 2008 Wood, mirror foil, tape 200x150x150cm

Description of the work „Burro“, by Jana Guerrero Lara: This is a story about me and the art. The donkey is my self-portrait; 1,72 m tall – exactly like me. On its full mirrored surface, there is a reflection of different art motives. These stand for the classic as well as the current “canon” of the arts. I designed the pictograms myself and then put them on the top of the glass case. This, on the other hands, refers to the museum. So: art, art, art. Three perspectives: 1 - between the donkey and the art 2 – between the spectator, who reflects on the donkey and the art 3 – between the spectator and the space

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