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BARBARIAN ART Gallery by Natasha Akhmerova, ZÜRICH

BARBARIAN ART Gallery by Natasha Akhmerova, ZÜRICH

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Dmitry Kawarga „Unfullfilled intentions“– 2008 polystyrene, metal, enamel varnish, SGR-device (skin galvanic reaction), audio device, PC.

Dmitry Kawarga (RU)

MANIFEST von Dmitry Kawarga – “Radical of Biological Morphs”

By Dmitry Kawarga – Radical of Biological Morphs By naming myself a radical of biological morphs I have delineated an imaginary circle of my creative endeavours and distanced myself from any mainstream art. I like to see myself as an experimental research scientist immersed into my own experience, as a biological instrument of art capable of bringing into life unseen psycho-physiological mechanisms, by ‘dragging’ their three-dimensional projections into reality. The new series of interactive sculptures is titled ‘Unfulfilled intentions’ and includes amorphous and intentionally uncompleted structures containing robots inside them. They react to the touch of the beholder’s palm, to her voice, breathing and pulse by shuddering, moving, pulsing and humming as if being impregnated by each human contact, as if accumulating information from human bodies. Thus my creations are inexhaustible and ever changing, they absorb the energy, thoughts and rhythms of human contact. Dmitry Kawarga

Barbarian Art Gallery by Natasha Akhmerova
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